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WTS Systems specialise in delivering enterprise level IT support to small and medium businesses across the Northwest of England and North Wales. Since our formation in 2010 we have continued to grow and now look after hundreds of systems including servers, PC’s and laptops from a wide range of industries, including distribution, finance, manufacturing and childcare.

Our support system enables us to constantly monitor and maintain your systems for any faults or issues, which means that most of the time problems get resolved quickly and efficiently without any interruption to the user, saving your business time and money. Our modern support system allows us to work remotely on any issues, which means that most problems are solved within minutes. If, however the problem requires a more hands on approach, one of our engineers attend to assist you.

Our main goal is to make your systems work for you, computers are supposed to make you work smarter and more efficiently – does yours? If they don’t then why, what’s stopping you from working?

We don’t believe in confusing our customers with technical jargon, instead we prefer to guide you painlessly through the process of making your IT systems work more efficiently for your business.We will work with you to find out exactly what your requirements are, then we can make your IT infrastructure work the way your business needs it too.



WTS Systems opened its doors for business and began offering IT consultancy services to companies across the Northwest of England, with a high concentration of those businesses being in the construction industry.


As our client base grew, we quickly realised that there was a high demand for quality IT support and that the IT support on offer to small and medium sized businesses was lacking, compared to the support offered to larger corporations. We decided to offer corporate “enterprise” level support to the SME sector – providing a much needed service.


As part of the growth of WTS Systems we invested in our centrally managed support system, which allows us to monitor all the servers and PC’s in our care, from one location.


Realising the potential of centrally monitoring our customers IT needs we added proactive maintenance routines that not only performed a cleaning process on customer PC’s each week, but recognised issues and ran automatic fixes. This proactive approach means that customers have noticed a decrease in issues, whilst giving us more time to focus on other areas where there could be potential problems.


WTS Systems started building alliances with other IT companies to provide our customers with “Complimentary” managed services such as fully managed ‐ Anti‐Virus, firewall solutions, online backups and asset management. Only working with top companies means that our customers get nothing but the best.


Cloud computing had become a buzz word that businesses now began to trust and want, we recognised this need and began to offer top class cloud solutions ranging from Corporate email solutions to secure cloud storage with Microsoft’s Office 365 being our most popular solution.


Cloud storage became more affordable and with that WTS Systems started offering a Cloud backup solution to our customers which provided a full file and folder backup offsite without customers having to lift a finger.

WTS Systems your solution to an internal I.T department!

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