Backup & Disaster Recovery

Losing vital files and information often means lost business. Our managed online backup service reduces risk, delivers rapid data-recovery and is an affordable, cost-effective way of protecting your business in the face of a crisis.

Cloud Backup

Keeping your fingers crossed that you have a working backup? Our cloud backup software will automatically backup your files quickly and securely offsite every hour protecting them from major disasters such as fires, floods or theft.

Our approach to Continuity in business is completely different, our modern approach means that you are in full control of your data and the safety of your business.

We can provide you with reliable backup solution that will automatically backup your files and folders hourly or we can develop a full disaster recovery plan including a full back & recovery suite, risk auditing and periodic testing.

We can help you build up your business protection one step at a time – or you can maximise your data security ensuring continuous availability of critical business systems in the event of a major I.T issue or disaster.

WTS Systems your solution to an internal I.T department!

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